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Mander Organs is a company of organ builders, founded by Noel Mander in a quiet corner of Bethnal Green, far removed from the bustle of the metropolis.


Organ building encompasses quite a variety of skills from design, woodwork, metalwork, engineering and not least voicing. Our workshops are all under one roof of a converted Victorian school.

Our Work

Mander Organs has built a wide variety of high quality instruments in many corners of the world, including Great Britain, the United States of America and Japan. See examples of our work.

Recent News and Reports

The Schulze Organ at Doncaster Parish Church

In 1997, Mander Organs (then under the name N P Mander Ltd.) was commissioned by the PCC of Doncaster Parish Church to undertake a feasibility study of the restoration of the Schulze organ at Doncaster Parish Church. The study was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which was considering providing funding for a full restoration…
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The Restoration of a G.P. England Chamber Organ of 1806

This G P England organ of 1806 was purchased by Noel Mander in 1967 and resided in his music room until he retired. It was then fully restored in our works in 2011 during a quiet period, in the hope that inhume would be found for it eventually. This occurred in 2017, when it was…
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The Organ in St George’s Southall and its Restoration

This report describes the surviving Jordan organ parts and sets out the evidence for the recreation of those parts that were missing and determines the original layout of the of the organ as far as possible. In addition, the report describes how the work of restoring the organ was carried out. The report can be…
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