Immanuel Church on the Hill, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Immanuel Church Organ

Immanual Church on the Hill is a building in the colonial style, and finding a position for the organ was not an easy task. By providing the instrument with a white case and by blending in the cornice mouldings to follow the mouldings in the church, an elegant solution was found to what otherwise might…

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House Organ, USA

House Organ New Jersey

It is not often these days that an organ builder is asked to build a sumptuous chamber organ in the way it was done for private homes in the 18th century. A private customer from near Princeton, New Jersey, saw the Cabinet Organ we made for the Chapel of Princeton University and asked us to…

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Christ Church Pittsford, New York, USA

Christ Church Pittsford

The suggestion that the only place for the new organ at Christ Church Pittsford was at the west end of the church was met initially with some scepticism by the congregation but, once the whole question of the reordering of the church was considered, the logic became evident. The terraced console is an elegant solution…

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Christ Church Cranbrook, Detroit, USA

Christ Church Cranbrook

Cranbrook archival documents indicate that, in September 1925, the Skinner Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts was being considered as the builder for the church’s pipe organ. By October of the same year, the stoplist for a three-manual and pedal organ had been drawn up. During this period, Ernest M Skinner had engaged the renowned British…

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Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, USA

Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church

Every instrument built presents the builder with specific challenges, and at Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church it was the desire for an organ on the gallery of adequate size but with a restriction in height. Initial designs suggested that the Swell Organ be placed behind the Great Organ but this presents disadvantages for the egress of…

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Chamber Organ USA

Chamber Organ

This private customer already had a two manual and pedal organ of ours in his home in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. This instrument has become such a part of the family that, when they refurbished their home in Washington DC, they decided an organ should form part of the re-modelled home. We then embarked on a…

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