Coychurch Crematorium Organ



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In the latter half of 2019, Mander Organs had the pleasure of revisiting the firm's organ in the Crallo Chapel of Coychurch Crematorium, Bridgend.

The organ was built in 1970 for the new chapel and has since seen almost daily use.  After nearly fifty years, the organ has received a major overhaul.  This has involved installation of a new Solid State transmission and capture system, re-leathering of the three double and single-rise reservoirs, replacement of all chest magnets and re-leathering of chest Roosevelt motors.

We have also added two new stops; a 16’/8’ Oboe rank available on the Swell & Pedal divisions, and a three-rank Mixture to top the Great division.

Alongside this we have also rearranged the Great chests to provide safer tuning access.