Organs of London – 1 July 2017

Credit for all images: Bompas & Parr. Photographer: Jordan Stevens

Bompas & Parr held an Organs of London as part of the Art Night Associate Programme at Mandor Organs on the 1July with the purpose of guests feasting on bestial organs in the presence of operational and in-construction pipe organs.

In collaboration with London’s oldest pipe organ builder Mander Organs and St Peter’s Bethnal Green church, Bompas & Parr curated an evening of extraordinary culinary and musical tastes.

The experience began with an offal-centric banquet within the workshops of Mander Organs in east London – as the last remaining organ works in the capital guests learned about the skilled craftsmanship required to create these most enigmatic of instruments.


Dining in the workspace where many of London’s pipe organs have been manufactured since the 1930s, guests indulged in an array of feral organs, from roasted duck hearts to testicle kievs, a menu that was not for the faint hearted!

There was a tour around the metal pipe shop and wood mill, and the evening culminated in a performance of pipes across the courtyard from Mander Organs in St Peter’s Bethnal Green church. The unusual combination of fleshy organs and architectonic musical instruments made for an evocative and one-of-a-kind multi-sensory evening.

The menu can be viewed here.

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