Restoration and Rebuilds


Restoration and Rebuilds

Historic pipe organ restoration and organ rebuilds are significant projects, which can last anything from a few weeks (e.g. re-leathering of bellows or stop actions) to several months, depending on the size of the organ and the scope of the restoration.

We have experience and skills in all types of restoration, and work closely with our customers to achieve an appropriate scope of work for a reasonable cost; we will advise against work being undertaken which we believe will have a long-term detrimental impact on the organ, or jeopardise grant-making opportunities.

The initial step for any restoration or rebuild project is for the organ to be inspected professionally. Our inspection service provides you with a comprehensive report of what is considered ‘Essential’, and ‘Supplementary’ options which would be worth considering as part of any restoration project; we aim to reflect our customers wishes in our recommendations.

We can offer advice, on a goodwill basis, of methods of fundraising, to help reach the financial target for planned works.